Rabbi Moshe J. Rothblum, Emeritus

Rabbi Moshe J. Rothblum came to California from New York as a youngster.

He was educated in Los Angeles Fairfax High School, Los Angeles Hebrew High School, American Jewish University, and UCLA. He was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary, where he also received his Master’s degree in Hebrew Letters and was awarded prizes for Pastoral Psychiatry and youth work. He also served on the Entrance Committee for rabbinical students at Jewish Theological Seminary (U/J branch).

Rabbi Rothblum was at Camp Ramah (for many years) where he was a counselor and later as a Rosh Edah (Division Head), as well as specialist in music and drama.

His parents were in Yiddish theater, and his mother was also a dancer. He has always been interested in moral and character issues, seen through theater, and that is why he enjoys working with the plays which he has directed over the years. He is a composer of Jewish liturgical works, and an album of his music, “Windows of the Soul,” was issued during the 50th anniversary of Adat Ari El. Rabbi Rothblum was honored in June 1995 with a banquet celebrating his 25 years at Adat Ari El, and at that time, a second album of his music was released: “Az Yashir Moshe.”

Rabbi Rothblum is a past president of the Board of Rabbis and during that term met with the Pope. The “2016 Gala 45 Years of Broadway On Burbank” marks the end of his tremendous efforts as Director of the annual youth play.

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