Hesed Committee


Dear Adat Ari El Community:

Adat Ari El has had for many years, a group of selfless individuals called, The Hesed Committee. It goes about its business quietly, without fanfare, and touches people’s lives at times of celebration, transition, and vulnerability. If a member has a simcha, such as a birth or a bris, the Hesed Committee will contact that member to congratulate and offer support, such as providing a meal or running simple errands like grocery shopping or picking up medication at the pharmacy. If one of our members is suffering from an illness, the Committee will contact the member to arrange visits for the sick, provide meals, and run simple errands. If the family suffers a bereavement, the Committee will contact the member to offer condolences to support the family by preparing meals, arranging food and beverages for guests, or taking care of other logistics to help the family receive guests following the funeral. The Hesed Community will always be there to support our community.

We are in desperate need for volunteers from our Adat Ari El Community.

We have included in this letter a link to a simple way for interested members can choose the areas they may wish to assist or volunteer to be a Committee Sub-Chairman.

The areas are as follows:

  1. Visiting the sick
  2. Arranging for meals to be delivered to those who have lost a loved one or who are ill.
  3. Arranging transportation for those in need.
  4. Setting up chairs at a home after a funeral.
  5. Coordinating Bereavement Cards to those who have lost a loved one.
  6. Sending out Simcha Cards for those who have had a wedding, bris, or newly born child.

The Committee is growing and needs specific help in the aforementioned areas.

Please feel free to contact me if I can provide more information for you or any of your family members.  I can be reached at (818) 501-0133, or my email address is alan@alandwallace.com.

Thank you and we look forward to continuing the work of the Committee.

Best Regards,

Alan D. Wallace
Hesed Committee

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