Hesed Committee

Adat Ari El prides itself on providing many services and programs for its members and the community. One of these, of which I am most proud, is called the Hesed Committee, of which I have been Chairman since 2009.

The Hesed Committee is comprised of a group of individuals who attempt to reach out to our members to offer support and condolences during life-cycle and difficult times for our members. The things which we try to do are to contact members when they are ill or a family member is a ill; contact members who have recently lost a loved one; contact members to congratulate them on a simcha, such as the birth of a baby or a wedding; and things of that nature.

We also try to reach out to members who are in need of other services, such as getting meals during the Shiva period, helping work with the Sisterhood to set up chairs for a Shiva, and trying to assist our older or disabled members to get to the synagogue on High Holidays and Sabbath services.

One of the things I am most proud of in connection as to what we try to do is to visit the sick. This is one of the oldest and most powerful traditions in Judaism. We learn from the Talmud that a sick person is at his most vulnerable, spiritually and physically, and that is the time he may thirst for human contact, a phone call, or a visit.

Please feel free to contact me if I can provide more information for you or any of your family members. I can be reached at (818)501-0133, or my email address is alan@alandwallace.com.

Alan D. Wallace
Hesed Committee

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